How to call Bake Indirect Lighting from python API

I’m updating my plugin that imports a scene, sets up a lighting and and renders the scene automatically. It used to work with Cycles in 2.79 and now I’m adding a support for Eevee and 2.8.
I’d like to add Irradiance Volume into the scene automatically and call Bake Indirect Lighting. I can find the button in the UI but I can’t find a way to call Bake Indirect Lighting via python.

Your help is much appreciated.

bpy.ops.scene.light_cache_bake() ?
it’s the operator linked to the button in the UI…

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Thanks a lot.
This may be a stupid question but what is the easiest way to figure out which operator is linked to each UI item.
I’ve been using ref docs and the in built info panel, but some some actions/commands don’t show up in the info like the one I asked here.

Hum , life is going to be a little easier for you then :smiley: :

In the preference activate Python tooltips :

Then in the tooltips you get the python code linked to what you need…

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Oh snap.
Wish I had signed up on this forum earlier!
Thanks a ton.