HOW-TO :: Camera Circling

This is how I solved my problem of the camera circling my character.

Center the character in the sceneDetermine which path the camera will travelPlace an empty between the character and the cameraDivide the length of your path in quarters. Label each quarter-point A, B, C, and D.Add a Track-To constraint to the camera to follow the empty
Frame A: Place camera with starting view of target and character. Insert frame.Frame B: Place camera and empty half-way along the path of travel. Insert frame.Frame C: Place camera and empty three-quarters along the path of travel. Insert frame.Frame D: Place camera and empty at the end of the path of travel. Insert frame.
Using the above method allowed me to solve the problem of a static camera. Having the viewpoint of my animation move around the character adds an active element to the movie and a touch of “reality”.

I hope this mini HOW-TO helps other animators. Paths were my first solution to camera circling which led, unfortunately, to a dead-end. I became mired in an attempt to solve the one-hundred frame length of a path. Only stepping back from my problem and assuming a different perspective allowed me to see a solution.

A heartfelt “thank you” to all users of Elysiun for creating an environment that is so full of creative energy!

Thank you, Bob

This is the path to a mirror for GreyBeard’s Path and Dupliframes video tutorial. It covers paths very very well. Yes, you could have done what you wanted to do with paths:

Just right click it and save. Hope you have a DSL or cable modem :wink: