How to can i have a texture only on one face of a cube ?

Hello ! I am creating a boxshot for a computer program.
I am a tottaly newbie.
I want to have an image as a texture only on one face of the cube.
Then on the other face i want to have another image as a texture.
Do you know how i can do this ?
Now the texture goes over the whole cube and not only over one face.

Thanks !

Give each face a seperate material:


thanks for answering.
I tried what it said but it did not work !
Do you know how to de-assign a material from a face ?
When i go to “Select” in “Link and Materials” for the specified material
it selects all faces even if i have not assigned the material to any of them.

thanks !

Can you please have a look at my .blend file :slight_smile:
It is at

thanks !

You got it, you just made things overly difficult for yourself. Give each of your materials (4, 5 and 6) a different color (I used R, G and B) so you can see the difference.


but why is not the image displayed correctly on the face when i render it ?
Instead of seeing the words i see only a light blue thing.


i pressed UV in the “Map Input” menu of the material panel.
Now one material is being rendered fine.
The problem is with the material for the front face.
The image is the correct but it is reversed 180 degrees.


i pressed UV in the “Map Input” menu of the material panel.

You should leave it at ORCO (ORiginal COordinates)

But, in the MapTo tab change the mapping from Flat to Cube, then stick a lamp there so you can see.

(I didn’t look at textures, only materials, because image textures are not transferred with .blends unless you pack them, File >> Pack Data. Remember next time you send a file).


Thanks ! It worked !