how to capture BGE frames on linux64?


I don’t know how to capture running BGE game, I’m on Ubuntu64 8.10
I install glc application (opengl capturer), but don’t have luck with it (“can’t execute Blender”) or it’s Blender app name different then Blender? :o

Is there another way how to capture BGE?
Ideal would be if there is some build option like ‘enable all frames’ which can work hand in hand with some png/jpg capture so 1 frame = 1 file, then it can be sticked in VSE and edited, this way it’s possible to have gameplay video nice and smooth even if running speed is laggy 5fps :cool:

Thanks in advance for any tips.

I found recordmydesktop great on 32 and 64bit linux, needs
–full-shots enabled.

I try record my desktop app at very first via GUI but it capture only viewport not bge running… then I find glc-capture
but with your commands recordmydesktop working great, but video is somewhat laggy (I try to rise fps parameter to 25 but not hepled, bge is running around 20fps)

I uploading it to vimeo but it takes ages… I post link asap

There’s an option to activate full-shots in the GUI too. It should be in performance tab along fps and the other options, it’s the last one.

here is test
notice line cut in bottom half it seems like capture is not synchronised verticaly?
is there any command to get it smooth?