How to carbon copy a part of the model and automaticly have it aligned.

Hi I would like to carbon copy a part of my model the landing structure that consist’s of sphere’s for the support balls and cylinder’s for support legs and landing feet so this i have created for each side manualy and os what i need to do is two things i need to do a carbon copy so the dimension’s on both side’s are correct however they need to be copied so they can be moved seperately not joined together
Now also after this is done i want to keep the copy in it’s place as both the copy and original need be possitioned however the copy need’s to be possitioned on the other side, is there anyway way i can keep the position of the copy and have it snap into place after it is mirored, or if i have to move it manualy is there anyway i can lock the positioning so both sides position’s of the object’s are identicle.

Many Thanks

Simon :cool: