How to Center the 3D Manipulator


I want to Seperate the Selected object because if I Press TAB its appear one object with the other? :-\

How to Center the 3D Manipulator? Because I want to Use Spin Tool or Just to Duplicate the Selected thing


How to Center the 3D Manipulator?

The period key will set the manipulator to the 3d curser

A mesh object consists of vertices, edges and faces. If you add more of them, it’s still one mesh object.
A computer consists of motherboard, cpu, ram, hdd, gpu (and so on). If you add another graphics card to it, it’s still one computer.

Can’t say what you want to do. Spin tool works for part of the mesh, just like it would if it were separate mesh. You can separate it with P and if needed, join them back together by selecting both and pressing ctrl+j.

Your pivot point, or as the tooltip says “pivot center for rotation/scaling” defines what you use as center. Also, this changes depending on in what mode you’re in. For example, the default pivot point is median, which in object mode is the object origin, and in edit mode it’s the center of the selected mesh elements.

In edit mode it’s easiest to use 3D cursor as pivot center when rotating/scaling mesh pieces in respect of the whole object. You find it on the 3D view header or by pressing the period key.

Spin tool uses the 3D cursor as pivot and view as orientation, no matter what your settings are.