how to center view on an object with python?

I try to find the function for center the view on my object selected, in other word i want to know the function for the key “.”

I find the solution, i must use function QAdd(id, event,val). Now i must know what is the event for the key “.”
there is a list event in the Draw module but i dont know the english term for the key “.” and when i test with the CKEY i have in the VIEW3D the action for Alt-C

this is the solution :
Thank’s to JM.SOLER

from Blender import Draw, Window 
v3d = Window.GetScreenInfo(Window.Types.VIEW3D) 
id = v3d[0]['id'] # get the (first) VIEW3D's id 
Window.QAdd(id,Draw.PADPERIOD, 1) 

I was just going to say PADPERIOD :slight_smile:

This is nice, because on my laptop i cannot access the padperiod key so easily.


is thre a list of the key name like PADPERIOD,

or a doc page where we can find all the diferent names for this