|How-to?] Chain, soft body


I’ve created a chain. With a curve, I’ve rolled up it. Now, my wish, rather than to play with the z axis and the curve to make it as if it was placed on the ground, I wish to simulate the physics to make it more natural but… soft body bounces up and down, never falling or it ignores the rigid body plan, passing through. I’ve played arounds sof body parameters, but no results.
I try to get something like that (more or less) :

Any hint, tips, advice?

Hi, you could try with a subdivided bounding box as mesh deform modifier. And use cloth simulation on this bounding box

Thanks for the suggestion.

The normals seem fine but the mesh used form the deformation remains unable to deform the chain.
The chain ignores the mesh deform.
If I apply the curve modifier to the box, parenting the chain to the bounding box ignore the curve.
If the curve is applied to both the box and the chain… parenting the chain to the box (chain as child) will duplicate the curve on the chain.
A lattice deforms the chain but with a weird behavior : I need to move x to -0.1 in order to replace the chain close to the origin or the chain will start half way in the lattice (though all transforms are applied and the origin is at the cursor for all objects), the chain get twice the original length… and lattice are soft body too.

Or… separate each part of the chain as an independent object, make them all rigid body… It will likely work but… I guess it will make difficult, if not impossible to animate the chain.

I will reply to myself since I’ve found the source of my problem

  • damp need to be to 0 for soft body (there is a bounce effect but it is possible to stop on the right image key before)
  • if object is base on curves : lower curves poly and transform visual geometry as mesh (or it will take ages if Blender doesn’t crash before)

I still have some tests to do in order to keep the possibility to animate the chain. But the main part is done.

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It’s not that fine : the chain shrink and deform, cloth option seems a bit better but it looks like it needs self-collision. It can become pretty heavy BUT we can at least add some internal spring.