How to change a Bezier curve's vertex ease?

Is it possible to change the ease of one vertex from a Bezier curve so the mesh attached to it will bend slower in the end, faster in the middle and slower again in the end? It has 2 vertex, one with 90° and other with 180°, but playing around with the handles doesn’t change how I wish. It seems it always has a positive angle on the beginning and end of the mesh. I would like to connect it to other planes, but having a smoother transition.

This is what a have:

Spreading the vertices handles doesn’t take this hard edge off, and makes it looks terrible:

What I really want is a curve like this, the starts and ends to tilt very slow and goes smooth:

I also tried to subdivide in the middle, but it got sharp. Not smooth at all.
This all is just playing around with the tilt, because I want a very straight tilt like that. I have the .blend file so it’s better to see what’s going on:

SplineEase.blend (497.0 KB)

Thanks a lot!

Have you tried using a NURBS curve instead of a Bezier? When adding extra vertices then, it should be rather easy to keep it smooth. (Note: enabling ‘Endpoint U’ should make things simpler, as it gives you defined location and tilt at the ends).

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Looking for this ‘Endpoint U’ you mentioned, I found some interesting options for the tilt interpolation, exactly what I was looking for:

Indeed, with NURBS it was simpler to do but it didn’t have that interpolation tilt. With the bezier curve, I can put to ease and it solve all my problems:

It wasn’t exactly the solution, but you helped me get to the solution. Thanks a lot!