How to change appearance of 3D Cursor in Blender v2.57


I’m searching for a way to change the way the 3D cursor looks in blender. Basically, I think that everything in blender looks fine except for the 3D cursor, which looks like its designed for some kind of 8bit submarine game, circa 87. It is in fact the only graphical element that I have any desire to change the appearance of in the entire Blender GUI, yet I can’t find any settings to alter its appearance in the User Preferences Panel.:eek:

  • azyunomi

You can’t change it

Hows about in the source itself?

What would you change the cursor to anyway? Just curious.

Personally, for me, the cursor is really no big deal. I learned to completely ignore it over the years.
But I do see it as a tiny imperfection. Doesn’t fit with blenders color scheme!

Did this mokup quite a long time ago:

Notice the cursor.

That sounds like a bit of an oversight from the development team then. Its a bit of a long shot, but I’m thinking that possibly I can still change it if I find and swap the image file inside of blender’s package contents.

I don’t think the cursor is an image. But rather drawn by code.


Yes, you’re right, its drawn by code. I would probably change the red to a blue gray, and then reduce the diameter of the cross-hairs by about 4 or 5 pixels on all sides. And then I would give it an opacity of 80%

If I could track down an individual file that is responsible for the appearance of the cursor, it would be a lot of fun making changes to the code.


For now I’m happy with going to User Pref> 3D View> Window Background> Black. Now the 3D Cursor appears only shows as a ring infront of the background.