How to change "Bevel Weight" highlighting color ?

Currently i stumbled over an issue when using bevel modifier with bevel weights.
Unfortunately the bevel weights gets highlighted by using the same orange color as selected mesh does, and so it becomes very difficult to distinguish, what is what.
And even more unfortunately, this color seemingly can not be changed into something different from the “selected mesh color”.

Does someone know how to possible change this color ?

If there really is no way to change this, I would propose to make it changeable !
And possible even to make it a different color by default.

Or is this for some specific reason, apart from teasing the users ?

Greetings Martin

i think its in user preferance > threme, but i cant figure out how the weight bevel works.
ur using the bevel modifier i guess?

if you can post a blend file and a quick explaination, then ill figure it out for you.

Hello finalbarrage

I did search the User Preferences as well, can’t find it, but I could have missed something of course.
There’s no need you doing the search work for me, I just asked because someone may already know…

To create some Edge Bevel Weights, go into Edit Mode, select some edges, hit CTRL+E to open the “Edge Specials Menu” and there hit “Edge Bevel Weights”. You can slide the mouse to give it some unspecific value, and you can use the Tool Options in the lower left corner to give it some specific numeric value (max value 1 will work well for this purpose).

A Bevel Modifier is not necessary to see the Edge Bevel Weight Highlighting.

The Edge Bevel Weights highlighting will only be visible in Edit Mode -> Edge Select Mode !

Greetings Martin

Themes /3d View, change Edge Select to a Blue colour so it’ll contrast with the colour of the faces.
Or mess with the Face Selected colour , whichever one you prefer.

Hi Ramboblender
Unfortunately, if I change the “Edge Select” color, accordingly the “Edge Bevel Weight” color is also changing.
How the “Face Select” color could affect this in any meaningful manner, I still don’t understand.

At least you can see the highlighted edge more clear by changing the colour of the edge select .
Same idea when changing face select colour.
I don’t think there is a colour setting only for the edge bevel weight.

This thread is about how to tell apart “bevel weighted edges” from “selected edges” easier.

I gave you a solution under the circumstances using a different colour for the edges.
The highlighted edge has a weight of 1 and I think you can see it better in a different colour.
So long.

Hm, I think I see what you mean.
If all edges are more obvious even the differences gets more obvious.
So, thank you for your help, it’s not your fault that these edges are sharing the same color.

Does no one like the idea of getting an separate color for the Bevel Weight Edges ?
Would this be somehow unsuitable ?

BTW - as I was searching about this problem, I currently find another missbehavior about the Bevel Weights.
When I setup the bevel weight from the N-Panel per “Edge Data - Mean Bevel Weight” instead of the Edge Menu,
the weighted edges won’t be highlighted at all. When I then setup a bevel weight for another edge within the same
object, but by using the “Edge Bevel Weight” located in the Edge Menue, suddenly all weighted edges within this
object are getting highlighted. (in orange, of course)

Is this how it supposed to work ?