How to change blender User Interface?

Hi, I am working on changing blender UI. Like making some buttons biggerchanging the text of it.
Thanks In Advance

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Most of the controls you’re looking for are in the Themes section of User Preferences.

Actually I want to get the location of that button in its source code.

Ah… most of that can be changed from the UI scripts. Simply right-click the button you want to modify and click View Source to see where it’s set. Be warned, position is a bit more difficult to mange. If you want to nudge something up or down that might be possible, but if you’re looking to re-order bits, then you may need to unregister the existing parts of the UI and then add them back in the order you desire.

Also, I’ve moved this thread to “Coding > Beginning Blender Code and Development” now that it’s more clear what you’re looking to do.

Thanks for your quick answers.