How to change camera in animation? [problem solved]

I have multiple cameras set up in my scene. The idea is to render multiple views of the scene via animation whilst I am not at the computer.
How can I change the camera so that in frame 1 it’s camera1, in frame 2 it’s camera2 etc. ? I know I could achieve this by keyframing a single camera but I want to do this with separate cameras since I have already placed the cameras.
Is there a script that allows to change camera in animation?

There is a python plugin that can do this. It is on the Blender website. Just go to here It has that one and many other plugins that you can use. Other than that, I don’t know of any other way. Unless something has been added to the new versions of blender since 2.34.

Thank you very much. :smiley:

how exactly do you import that script into blender though? i have the same problem and i look at the script and i think gibberish. how do i get it to work in my animation?

There’s a Camera Changer script bundled with recent versions of Blender. Open a Script window, then Scripts menu->Animation->Camera Changer. The scriptlink popup will tell you how it works.

FYI this thread is from 2005. It’s a good habit to check posting dates before replying in a thread.

yes i know its a really big bump, but it felt weird making a new thread when there was already one. and ive tried using the python script in blender but it keeps saying theres an error in the python script.

Have you actually installed Python? What does the console window say when you start Blender?

oh so you have to install python! i thought it just came with the scripts when you downloaded blender, and i just checked the black box thing and it says i dont have python. how do you install it?

Go to and download the installer.