How to change color, brightness, contrast, etc. of a certain UDIM tile


I used the new UDIM feature of blender 2.82.
My question now:

Is there any way to adjust contrast, brightness, color, etc. of certain tiles only?
The reason is I have multiple images taken with my camera, but if I map it to my model I see there are seams where the UDIMs / tiles stitch together.
This is becuase the images taken with my camera are not 100% same color, brightness, contrast etc.
Of course I can use Photoshop, Gimp or whatever to adjust the images but this is very annoying because I have to adjust the image in Gimp a littlebit and move back to blender to see if it fits better now then go back to Gimp, adjust the image further and move back to blender and so on.
What I need is some kind of realtime view in Blender to adjust the values on screen until I get the best result.
Maybe there is a way to use the node editor for a single UDIM tile?

Thanks for any help!