How to change color during animation

Hi guys, is it possible to change color, texture and light during animation? I tried,
but with little success. Need help please!

Thanks michaelman

Hover your mouse over the material edit buttons window, or lighting, textures etc. Press the “I” key, it will bring up a list of options that are animatable.

Give the Object Red Color. Goto IPO->Material .
For Example this is an animation of 100 Frame. Goto Frame 1. In the Material Window Press Control+Click in front of channel R and Value=1.
Goto Frame 100
Again In the IPO->Material Window-> Channel R and Value =1
Goto Frame 50
Again In the IPO->Material Window-> Channel R and Value = .5

Now run the animation it will change the color during animation.

And something with nodes too… sort of mixer with timerange?

In 2.8 this is amazingly easy…but kind of obscure.

You know how you use the I-key in the display window to set a LocRotSca keyframe? Well, to keyframe your color changes; use the I-key again, yet hovering over the Base Color in your materials window. Doink!