How to Change Custom Properties from Object to Bone?

So I have a rig, and this rig has a bunch of custom properties used to control many of the rig’s features, like the IK/FK switch. But the thing is that there were so many custom properties that it took me a while just to scroll down to the bottom. So I came up with an idea to move those custom properties to the bones. But the thing is that I need to move the custom properties that I made in the object properties to the bone properties. That’s a big problem.

You see, I use the custom properties in many things. Like in the modifiers, the visibility switch, drivers, and much much more. And changing all of those properties by hand is a tedious and time-consuming process. And I want to find a way to automatically rename all those properties to a new one. So if there’s anyone that could find me a solution for renaming custom properties from the ones in object properties to the ones in bone properties, please let me know.

Also, as an example of what I actually wanted to do, imagine that there’s a bone and a cube. In the cube, there are multiple drivers. In the bone’s object properties, there’s a custom property named prop_obj. And in the bone’s bone properties, there’s a custom property named prop_pos. And both of those properties were meant as a switch to enable/disable the cube’s drivers. At first, I use the prop_obj properties from the bone object properties, but then I want to change it to the prop_pos in the bone properties. But since there are a lot of drivers in the cube that uses the prop_obj properties from the bone object properties, it will take a long time to change all of them. And I want to automatically change all of those custom properties from prop_obj to prop_pos.