How to change Images

is there way to change the images as animation
the same image will change in 1 frame to another image
is there easier way to do this else this way that i make mix shader and keyframe the fac slider ? [ Image provided ]
specially the material that i wanna to change is consists of about 8 nodes only the image texture image will be changed
they are 14 images
any help ?!
thanks <3

Make an Image-Sequence (textuture-001.jpg, textuture-002.jpg … etc.)

Change the Drop-Down in your Image-Texture-Node from Single Image to Image Sequence.


How does this works Im trying it now but can’t understand how it works ?!

This is exactly the node i was searching for but how this works ?!
how to put images in a sequence and choose the specific frame for each image ?!
and why the Image is pink not the image texture ?!

The Pink Color says that Blender could not find the Image (wrong Path)

This is my Image Sequence. (from pic0000 to pic0051)

And in Blender…


Thank you <3 i did this sequence
but how to keyframe the images ?!
i want specific image to appear in specific frame how to do that ?!
i got 14 images i want distribute them on 192 frames ?
i dont want 1 image for 1 frame
i want one image per 12 frames how to do that ?!
[ i said what i want alot cuz english not my main language so you can understand me ]
Thank you

You could animate the offset negatively. So to freeze initial frame for 20 frames:
Frame 0 - Offset 0.
Frame 20 - Offset -20.
For me this now updates only in Cycles rendered display mode, not Eevee rendered display mode. Didn’t try rendering it out in Eevee.

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thank you but this didn’t work for me :frowning:

The only thing that I found it solved my problem .
Is to mix shader 2 images and keyframe the Fac from 0 in frame and the next frame to 1 that works good but makes very big nodes tree .
Thank you :blossom: