How to change items on a single character

Hi, this is my first post :yes:, and besides i am new to Blender :eyebrowlift:… but i am loving it so far !!
ok the question is this, i have in mind a project that would involve a single character, lets say a humanoid robot, there are different “weapons” the robot could use in the game, how do i crate this? i mean if i have the basic robot, how do i proceed to create each weapon? should it be a different layer for each weapon? (sorry if my terminology is not correct) and when i change weapons following an “inventory” when i use the weapon the main animation, lets say “idle” should change position, for example a 2 handed weapon or a single handed weapon?
I am not asking details now because i dont need them at this point, but just the idea of how would this be possible since i am organizing the project learning curve in my mind…
please any comment will be very appreciated !!! :smiley:

Are you talking about Blender animation, or character creation and animation for a game?

Latter is pretty much dependent on the animation engine you use.
But generally you make animations for your actions in the game and export them later.
So basically I would make one file with the character in it, and then within the file create different scenes for the animations holding the different weapons. If you use CAL3D for instance (which is a nice open source animation library) remember that also the weapon needs an armature.

Thx for the reply !!
i will check the CAL3D and see how it would work, then when i know more i will post here again.