How to change material of a certain part of this array?

Hey guys

So I have this floor that I build from blocks. I modelled one block, and put the array modifier on it to create the floor. Its supposed to be grey all over…but not the most outer ones. Those are supposed to be blue.

How can a achieve this? so that only the other blocks are blue… and the rest stays grey. Is this possible with using 1 grey block and the array modifier?


Can you just put a row of blue blocks on either side?

for outside just add another blue block and use a simple array

happy bl

Ah sorry, I forgot to mention that this is just a small part of the floor. The entire floor is made of multipe lanes. (like 15 different ones). So 15 different arrays.

It would be very tedious to add 2 extra array to every existing array… So i was hoping there would be a shortcut for doing this

This is a top view of the floor part. So you can see there are a lot of different areas (seperate arrays)

So the entire thing needs to be outlined and ‘inlined’ with those blue blocks…

Or maybe… i can just make a image texture and normal map and apply it to different planes?
But im not sure how to do that

You could also look into dupliverts or duplifaces.

Duplifaces are easier to work with, and since it uses instancing, the detail can be real geometry without getting a huge memory hit. Above 3.12M faces, 44MB.