How to change mesh center after inserting vertex keys?

I am having this project. I did an object, and forgot to put center the object at the center of its data.

Now, after putting tons of vertex keys, I now need to rotate the object, so because it is not centered probably, I get weird rotations.

Is there anyway I can change the center of the object to be at its center without having to delete all the vertex keys I inserted (because they are simply too much to do again).

Or is there any other way to get the rotation I need without changing the center of the object?

Thank you very much in advance.

You cannot add or delete vertices, but you can move things about.

The trick is that the changes you make only apply to the RVK currently selected in the IPO Curve Editor.

To do what you want, open a window that has the IPO Curve Editor (in addition to the 3D View) and select, in turn, each RVK, tab into Edit Mode (in the 3D View), make the rotation/location change you want using N (exact numbers) and tab back to object mode for the next key.

Hope this helps.