How to change model's texture regarding the side of it?

Hello everybody. Warning you that I’m new at modeling and texturing, so probably I’m asking very obvious things.

I have texture for model (Image as Planing add-on) and front and back sides are same (one of them inverted horizontally). I want to make every side of this model be different, for example to back side was completely white. How to perform this? Shoud I use UV/Image Editor?

This is how it looks:

3D Faces have a backface and a front face.

The geometry node has a Backfacing output which is 1 if it’s a backface and 0 if it isn’t. You can use this to mix between two textures.

Hi Edwin,

the node set-up that @yogyog is refering to is the same one I used to answer a similar question in another thread, here’s the link.

It’s the second comment down that has the node shown.