How to change one of the views to camera view after splitting the 3D window into 2 ?

I erased everything from the default blender scene except the grids which i could not remove. then i splitted the 3D window to two windows. Both the windows after splitting are in top view. I have to change one of the views to camera view. I have clicked the camera option in view menu.But it is not working. I tried through keyboard by typing num0. But it does not work. How can i change one of the views to camera view after splitting the 3D window?
Thanking you.
Dipsikha Devi

If you erased everything … including the default camera, then there is no camera in the scene to switch to :slight_smile:

You need to add a camera object, and you might have to possibly make that camera active with CTR-NUMPAD-0 … (you’ll need to use CTRL-NUMPAD-0 if you have multiple cameras in a scene … or use the Camera Changer script)


Since this is the second similar question you’ve asked (that I’ve seen), I think you should find some starter tutorials or you’ll drive yourself quite mad trying to guess how Blender works. Most people find it hard even when they have instructions!!!

The PDF link in my sig below is a great place to learn the Blender basics and start creating something you’ll be hapy with.

You can remove the 3D grid (hide it) through the View>View Properties menu and switching the Grid Floor button.