How to change "select object" keybind??

I began working with Blender again and since I don’t have my mouse with more than 3 buttons, I had to re-adjust my keybinds, but I quickly learned that something changed. I cannot find or even change my keybind for selecting objects with RMB. I know that I have always used this in the past. RMB to select a single object, but I cannot find a keybind for this nor can I even find the version that had this keybind. Granted, the most I went back was to version 2.6 I believe, but it is killing me that I have to use shift+RMB to select an object even though its for multi selection. Any help or suggestions?? Thanks.

works fine for me. try resetting to factory defaults, dont forget to save the preferences after doing that.

the key mapper in blender is tricky, you need to understand code to use it effectively. most of the time the bind names are generic, so you need to look at the command it runs.

I got it! O.O Thanks!! I also made sure that the preset was set to Blender and voila!