How to change the centre of rotation of a 3d window


Probably a dumb question, but how can I change the pivot point for the window’s point of view in the 3d window.

I’m not talking about the pivot point used for example to rotate an object, which could be the 3d cursor, median, bounding box etc.

I’m specifically interested in the point that the viewport rotates around. This becomes quite relevant when trying to zoom in on an object and then rotate the viewport around it. I always get frustrated because the viewport invariably rotates around a point that causes my object to zoot out of the viewport…

Hope it makes sense.

Put the cursor somewhere then hit c to set that as the pivot.
Numpad . (period) will set the pivot at the current selected object.
Shift c resets the cursor and pivot to center.

Very, Very, Very good video tut. on that here.

By the way did i say it was GOOD!