How to change the cursor?

I have a problem where the little grey cross mouse cursor is just really bad while I hover over the mostly grey 3d viewport in EDIT mode. Virtually invisible unless I look real hard.

I don’t remember it being this bad, wonder when this changed…

Unfortunately I can’t find anything useful about fixing this because googling for it is saturated with tutorials about the 3d cursor, which is not relevant.

Is there a setting for this? Where is it? I just want my plain arrow system cursor.

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im not sure but arrow disappeared since 2.80.

Taking a screenshot of the cursor is proving impossible, but here:
Google Photos
Can you tell where it is? I promise it’s in there.
The point is that this is the UI and not a Where’s Wally picture.
(pardon the poor camera)

I tried changing my system cursor themes because I thought it was just being pulled from my theme, but it doesn’t seem so, as it looks identical in blender with a bunch of different themes.

Ah. I found the solution. It was being pulled in from my theme, but it wasn’t being updated until I actually restarted Blender.

i might be possible to change the cursor['s shape on Win OS system!

might worth to try it
but have not tried it in latest build !

happy bl

It would indeed be very convenient to be able to choose a different cursor.