How to change the icon for a game in blender

I’m on a mac… how should I do this?

Try creating a runtime, and then right clicking it and viewing package contents, find the icon image file, and try editing it.

I’ve never actually tried this myself, but I assume it works.

There is no right clicking on mac’s as far as I know. I do believe ctrl+click does something similar, but I am not sure. I am running windows and I have tried using multiple editors to try and replace ICO’s but none seem to work without corrupting the executable. So I too am wondering the same question as arbiter410.

There’s a freakin’ sticky of this on the top of the forum… “how to replace a .exe icon”.

On Macs, right click does exist… if you have a multiple button mouse. A lot of macs (obviously) ship with just the 1 button one, but newer ones have been coming with the mighty mouse, which DOES have 3 buttons (though it seems like there’s only 1 “button”, though clicking on the left side / right side do left/right click).

I found that out after my post, I only check the support forum if I really need help with something, I just happened to have found this thread first.

Also, thank you for correcting my out-dated information on mac’s. Always great to have new information.

Thank you TheSambassador.

the trackpad is multiclick but I tried that and it didn’t work

The icon file is different in package contents but not the actual icon the shows the app(standalone for macs)…

To change the icon used for apps on a mac.

Select the image you want to be the icon image and copy it to the clip board (Ideally a png for transparency).
Select the app and Cmd+I to show info
Highlight the apps icon at the top of the info box. It should then have a blue surround.
At the top of the screen select Edit / Paste.
This will replace the default icon with the image you want.
To move back to the default, repeat above but when you have highlighted the icon, press delete.

You can use this to copy icons from one app to another.


its not pasting when I hit paste (i hit paste when blender player icons is open right in that window

Here’s a quick demo of my earlier post to change the icon for an app using a png file. Cnd+I to show the file info for each file.


Can’t watch it… (2.2 MB)

If you can’t see this hard luck. If it doesn’t open, download it. If you have a mac it’ll play or you’ve got more serious problems.


yeah but how do i do this on a pc? because i am trying to give a game i made to some friends and some other people but i really want to replace it with my own icon

Any help?


thankyou, that was quite helpful, but i would prefer a way to do this without another program.
it would be great if this was an option for blender to change the icon internally so that the icon could not be changed after export.

maybe blender 2.51?