How to change the movement/pivot point for an object in 2.80

The title says it all basically.
With 2.80, using left click to try and change the pivot point is no longer viable and I am just hoping to find some help

Do you mean positioning or re-positioning the 3D Cursor. That’s Shift+RightClick when using Left Mouse Select i n 2.80

That does not work.
Here is a picture that I took that might better explain the issue

Essentially I am trying to get the center point to be where the arch is

The problem there is that the origin point of the arch object is way above it. If you want it to be where the 3D cursor is positioned at the moment (at the top of the arch), then right-click on the object in object mode and Set Origin>Origin to 3D Cursor/

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Oh… if for some reason you need the object’s origin point to remain exactly where it is, you could change the pivot point by calling up the pie menu for that with the .> key (full point to left of comma)

It’s also to be found here (though normally at the top of the screen - I assume you’d opened an older file and kept Load UI ticked?)


Thank you for the help

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