How to change the naming of curves created on an svg import

Hi !
I’m quite new to blender and i have a problem with renaming thousands of curves names :confused:

When you import a complex svg to blender, a lots of curves are created that are automaticaly named “curve” +an increment (curve.001, curve.002 …)
I hoped my uniques ID names of those curves, already written down in inkscape and in the svg would be used to name the curves but it’s not the case…
Hopefuly, that ID name is still findable as the data name , inside the datablock curve.001 or curve.002 etc. in blender (you find it if you unfold it). But it’s not sufficient to my needs.

I would like to import (or batch rename) that original ID name directly as the curve name in blender.

Is that possible ?

What is the best way to do that ?

If the curve datablock is the name of the curve you want, you can make the object name the same as this curve datablock name using the batch rename addon

Supply more specific info with demo .svg and blend files etc etc

Thanks a lot. I’ll try that and give you my feedback.

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to make this add-on works on the last version of blender but i don’t find the UI once installed and cross checked in the add-ons panel.
I’m sorry to be the real noob here. But perhaps it’s not working with the latest blender version ?
The page about the addon tells just its UI location is located on search > batch. But which and where is this “search” ?

Try name panel, there is a link in my signature.

Svg import works with Blender 2.77 and if you want to modify it, add 3 lines for all class SVGGeometry…_doCreateGeom functions.
That way your Inkscape object Id text will be Blender curve object name and object data name.
Example class SVGGeometryPATH:

def _doCreateGeom(self, instancing):
		Create real geometries

		ob = SVGCreateCurve()
		cu =
		name = self._node.getAttribute('id') #add this line = name                          #add this line = name                          #add this line