how to change the position of the center point of an object

Hi, I need to move the center point of a cube from the middle to the top left corner, then, when I want to rotate it, the object will rotate from that top left corner, my question is:

how to change this point from the center to the left corner?


Select the position you want to be the origin with the 3d curser. To position it at a vertex, select the vertex then Shift+S / Curser to Selection then in object mode go to the Editing (F9) / Mesh panel and select the ‘Center Curser’ button. (In blender 2.5 for the last bit use Ctr;+Alt+Shift+C / Origin to 3d curser)
As you haven’t said which blender version you are using I’ll assume the latest stable release, blender 2.49b

In Blender 2.5, the method you are telling isn’t working. Nothing happens even after doing it

Works for me om 2.54