How to change the profile e-mail?

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Due to some mini-brained idiot working at my e-mail provider, the current e-mail of my profile is obsolete (has been deleted :x :x :x ).
I no longer receive the “reply notifications” and so on.

Is there a way to update the e-mail item in the profile?



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Just click on ‘profile’ - top right of any Elysiun page you are on!

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changing it in the “profile” box doesn’t update, already tried…

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change the e-mail in the profile, and make sure you enter your password there aswell. Then press submit.

Your account will be inactive.
A e-mail will be send to your new e-mail adress, as soon as you follow the directives in that e-mail your new account will be activated again.


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Thanks boss!

Guest? Euh… you too lost your password? :stuck_out_tongue:



[edit] hehe… dumb me, I just noticed… hum… the procedure it’s writen below CURRENT PASSWORD… hehe… sorry… :smiley: [/edit]

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9 don’t feel bad when I lost my email account and got a new one I did the same thing. Didn’t see the part about the password and hit submit and it didn’t work but I tried again and then saw everything and got it right try try again