how to change the screen resolution?

How can I change the screen resolution in game? For example i enter o options menu and chage it ?

I don’t think you can.
You could try and see if the “Game>Start new game” actuator can pass command line functions as it launches it’s target. If it does, you could use python to change the blenderplayer resolution from there.

drive:\path	o\blenderplayer.exe -w 320 200 drive:\path	o\your.blend

i want to change the resolution wille i m in game, how can I use this code exaclty?
Thanks for answer

This should work

prog = GameLogic.expandPath("//Name Of Game.exe") 

args = [" -f 640 480 16 60"]

can you explain me how to use this?

Ah, I forgot some code again…

just go there

thank you a lot!!

No problem. I was going to use it for my game so it was already bookmarked.