How to change the search area of a tracking

I’m trying to track a point in my footage, but it sometimes gets out of the frame, and i still need to track it. I know that in others programs, like AfterEffects, when you track something you can change the search area, for example move it to a point who is still compared to the point you want to track, without moving the path that you are creating, so that you can actually get a tracking of the point you wanted in the first place…

does anybody knows if it’s possible (should be pretty simple) and how to do it? thanks :slight_smile:

In the Movie Clip Editor set to Tracking, in the Properties / Display settings enable ‘Search’. This will show the track search box for the marker. Move it by dragging the corner with the square and scale by dragging the corner with the triangle. In the marker settings you can set the search size for any newly added tracks

great! at first I thought that you didn’t understood my question, but if you drag the center point enough you can actually use another point to track your offscreen point without modify the path at all… thanks :slight_smile: