How to change the size of multiple empties in one go?

I just imported today a .blend file created by the BlenUp plugin for Sketchup and I had a lot of huge empties inside. I selected all of them and wanted to scale them down but I can’t find any option to do so. Knows somebody a solution on how to easily change the size of all the empties in a scene?

An empty, in Blender parlance, consists of nothing more than “a 3D point!” It has no “size,” “scale,” nor any other attribute at all.

If you self-describe the number of empties as “huge,” then it is quite likely that they were “somehow algorithmically generated” … a human being had nothing to do with it … in which case you can simply ignore them.

In “real, human-generated blend files,” empties are often placed … and then, given specific names … specifically so that “other things” can refer to them. (Tracking constraints, Python code, and so on.)

But, if you simply see “a ‘huge’ number of empties,” particularly if they seem to have no meaningful names, then the odds are very good that they are simply “digital noise,” not worthy of your further time and attention.

hes talking about the “size” parameter of the visual elements.

if the empties are normal size (1 unit or meter), then your objects imported on the wrong scale.

Select one, shift+G -> type. Then alt+drag the size slider on object data properties, or change the size and right click -> copy to selected.