How to change thread titles?

Um how do I do it now?
I tried editing the 1st post like before, but it won’t let me change the title…

when in editmode of the topic or posts, try to click advanced to see if it is possible.

Yeah I have the same problem. I can’t change my title either and in the advanced area I can’t seem to find anything to change it.


well I just tried and it works for me…just type new text in where it says “Title” and then hit “Save”

the button is labeled “Go Advanced”

Yup, worked it out last night. Thanks for your help.

It still isn’t working for me. I edit the first post and the hit Go Advanced and then put my new title in the Title spot and then hit save changes and wa-la it is still the same title. :frowning: Either my computer is screwy or it is me. Hopefully not the latter but it is just not working!

Yeah, it worked for me too when I was editing other people’s post, but not when I was editing mine (ie: the wc thread).

Really weird.



maybe you can explain to the others how you did it…since some other still have problems with it…and my own titles was no problem to change even theeth stated otherwise.

This is strange, after editing the title in ‘go advance’ it edited the title of the post but not the thread

it depends…did you edit the first post of the thread or a latter one in the thread ?

I did the same thing, Nobody, and I did it in the first post too and nothing but the title of the post changed.

sorry to hear that SirMikey,
but can you please update your signature to instead of elysiun?

I edited the first post

Oops lol yeah I can do that.

Can a mod please change my WIP title from Longsword Fighter-Comments Anyone? to Halo Longsword Fighter-Texturing Done. That would be nice.


hi SirMikey,
I took a closer look at your thread, and I found something very odd thing. The new system seems to let you edit the first post title, but not the original thread title…very strange, i have mentioned this for Timothy now and I hope he will fix this soon. Not even I can edit the original title of the thread, only your recent change of the first post title… :confused:

sorry about this…

Actually, we can edit thread titles through the thread moderation menu, but not by editing the post.


yes I see that now

Seems like you can also edit thread titles by double clicking the title box in the thread overview. Though that might be limited to moderators.


I tried that…but it instantly reloaded me to inside the thread instead…stupid…

Double click the box (next to the author’s name, for example), not the thread link itself.