How to change torus minor radius?


I’m new to 3d and Blender (2.60) and have simple (?) problem.

When I add torus and set parameters for minor radius, is it possible to change minor radius later (for the same torus)?


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Do you mean for animation purposes, or because you decided later the object was added to the scene with the wrong dimensions?

Use S, then Shift+Z (for example) to scale object over all coordinates except z.

Not for animation purposes, I’m trying to make sketch for future sculpture (traditional) and need to change dimensions (radius of torus), because I decided that the object was added to the scene with the wrong dimensions.

With S object just scales proportionaly, but I need to change radius.

Googling says to me that it is not posible… :frowning:


This should work.

Go into Edit Mode on the torus. Hit a to select all vertices. Hit Alt+s to scale according to normals.




Thank you very much rking !!! You saved me a lot of time (time is money!).
Thanx to organic and zezic also!

Hope this will help and to others with this problem …


It sure did, Thanks all you guys, i love this community

Thanks man. It worked like magic.