How to change uv map name/type in properties

Hi, I created an object in a ready made scene and I wanted that it uses the same uv channel like other objects in the scene. How do I change that in uv maps properties?

You have to first join them into one object so the yshare hte same map, then seperate the parts. If I recall, there is an addon which allows you to do this easily.
Try this:

You don’t need multi-object editing hacks anymore if you’re using 2.8 you just select multiple meshes and unwrap them, if that’s what you need.

Hi, thanks! U.S. 2.8 still available as beta version?

Thanks! So I have to join it with any existing readymade object to get the same uv map? It won’t work if I rename the uv map in properties tab with the same as the other objects have? But I will try your advice, thanks!

Not sure I understand why you need this but if you join objects which have their UV maps called the same (e.g default name ‘UVMap’) then resulting object will have only one UV map and all islands of original UV maps will be on new one (probably with intersections).
If you rename UV maps first and then join you will have several UV maps on the joined objects with their respectful names (up to 8 maps though).
To rename UV map double click its name.

*U.S --> Is 2.8 still availbale as beta version?

damn auto correction :wink:

No, as the uvmap is unique to the object, so the best option is combine meshes, layout your uv’s, then seperate as you require. The above addon removes the need for you to manually do this, so it’s well worth downloading.

Yeap, 2.8 is still in beta. But you can try to copy your meshes from 2.79 to 2.8 (ctrl+c -> ctrl+v) and back to 2.79 right away to see if it will break anything. If everything is fine you can unwrap in 2.8 and copy everything back. If you have some complex setups it will probably break something, then use one of the addons in 2.79 to multi-object unwrap.