How to change uv map order?

Hi, I have 2 uv maps, lightmap and diffuse. How do I swap them so I can have diffuse (0) and lightmap (1)? It’s for export to unity. Thanks.

On the Properties Editor, Object_Data(mesh)>UVmaps panel:

  1. Select the first UVmap
  2. Add a new UVmap (+), while the first is selected
  3. Delete the first UVmap
  4. Rename the new UVmap to the name of the deleted one.

The new UVmap will be a copy of the selected one, and will be placed on the end of the list. If you then delete the top one, you’ll get what you’re after.

Thanks, tried it and it seems (in 2.82) that selecting a uv map and adding one creates a copy of selected map.