How to Check Eevee Animation Render Times?

Is there a way to check Eevee animation render time? I tried command line rendering but it only displays individual frame render times (It’s slightly different for each frame so I can’t multiply it with total frame count).

If you want the total execution time for the command-line render you can do a few things.

If it’s linux or MacOS then you can probably just run the render under the time command:

$ time blender

If it’s Windows, there are a number of solutions here:

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Thanks @Zoot , I use windows and this solution went smoother than I imagined. I used this command in Powershell:

 Measure-Command {start-process blender -argumentlist "-b cube.blend -a" -wait}

Do you know how to render animation with GUI using command line? I tried removing -b but it gives error:
I just wanted to render with GUI and compare results.

Maybe you don’t have the output path settings set in your .blend? Or in your output I don’t see the -b.

I have output path in .blend file and rendering in background successfully writes an .mp4 file to the folder.
Here is the test file I use:

Why do you want to render with the GUI from the command line? What do you want to see happen?

You can do something like:

blender.exe cube-eevee.blend --python-expr “import bpy; bpy.ops.render.render(animation=True)”

But you just get a blank UI while it renders. The UI then comes up after the render is done.

In Cycles, render times are a lot less with command line rendering. I just wanted to test if it’s valid for Eevee as well. Since Eevee has no info about animation render time when using with GUI, I wanted to try this option.

Ok, cool. I see you already found:

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I just noticed if you hover over your mouse to the render progress bar, it shows time remaining and elapsed infos:

You’re having enough time to hover over everything when you render looong animations. :sweat_smile:

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