how to check state of texture channel?

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I’m currently writing an exporter for a game engine. To avoid unnecessary data and confusion I want to export only enabled textures. Could someone tell me please where I can find the information wether a texture channel is enabled or disabled? I searched Material, MTex and Texture for this but found nothing.

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i looked, coulnt find it. it should return a tuple of (flag, mtex), or something similar, where flat is true or false. I looked in mtex too for a property or something, but it is not obvious. im a newbie at the api, sorry.

I looked in the actual source code and I don’t believe there is a function that will return this value (the API docs don’t list one either for that matter). Not sure how hard it’d be to add this functionality…

it must be somewhere, as a mtex.enabled, or .active or something, because the blend file remembers which ones were active or not…just not looking in the right place, i guess…

Its stored as a property of materials in the septex field of the material struct (from what I can tell). The function for returning this field, though, is not defined in the API. (There are declarations for getting and setting this field, but they’ve been commented out).

cute. well, on behalf of the OP, thanks for looking into this, forTe. you get the cookie today!! WITH chocolate milk.

Score! Cookie! :cool:

Too bad there’s no solution (there probably is some really creative one, but I can’t think of it)…:frowning:

Thank you both for your effort, at least I know now that I can stop searching. Maybe in one of the next releases, I’ll keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile: