How to choose the proper shape for modelling?

Hi Guys,

I really need to know if there are some kind of rules(or tricks) in a modelling job: which shapes are best suit for proper types of models to build? Just some examples: I’d like to create the Money Safe’s Door Model.
See the picture( As it is seen: this door we can create in many ways: from two cubes, from one cubes with extruding, etc.(I am talking about door’ surface)
Please give me some idea how to do that in best way even it’s not so easy.

You could do the whole thing with a series of subsurf cubes, now that we have edge creasing available. It’d be pretty easy to take rectangular mesh now and use the knife tool to cut lines in it, then extrude those lines in. Play with the edge sharpness and you’re there. :smiley:

I, personally, would make it from a series of cubes as well as cylinders. I don’t like having to cut up my mesh just to make a cube into something it isn’t. A single cylinder would make a great lock shaft thing.

So e.g. the internal plate is one cube the external plate is another?
without a joining together?

Most of it can easily be done with cubes, the handles can also be use with circles extruded into a cylinder or other shapes with a changing diameter.

Ok, the question is, what is mostly right way:

  1. build by several cubes,
  2. build by one cube + extrude,
  3. build by one cube + scale + extrude


I think that it is really a matter of opinion. You can take multiple paths when you are modeling and wind up at the same place. As long as you wind up with a mesh that looks like what it is supposed to, you have succeeded!

The first, and most fundamental, rule is: never model anything that the viewer will not actually see.

Use simple geometric shapes to build up the basic shape of the object. “Extrude / Scale / Extrude again” is your friend in many cases. So is “Dup.” :slight_smile:

After you have built up the basic shapes, you can join related meshes … for convenience in handling but also so that you can build faces between points that up to this time belonged to two separate objects.

Remember that you are not building a CAD model. You are building something out of tissue-paper that will merely look like the desired object, from a chosen camera point-of-view or views. Get to this point as quickly as you can, with as little effort as you can.

Thank you, it’s really good explanation!
So, does it means that e.g. for build a stick(30sm) I have to use instead one extrude up to 10 ?