How to clear draw face sets (2.83 )?

I just “painted” my sculpt with The new Draw face sets but I want to clear everything i drawed. It’s stupid but I don’t see the “Clear Draw Face sets” button. :confused: Help ?

You can shrink it until it disappears or you can toggle the visibility in the overlay panel

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Thanks for your reply. I don’t have the “grow face sets”. Even if do Ctrl+W. The second solution doesn’t matter because it 's a display option, I really want to clear it to get more fluidity when I sculpt on it.

Add it to quick favorite: open overlay -> right click on the face sets check box -> select add to quick favorites. Now when sculpting you can just click " q " then you have it.

I always test using the latest Master, i believe it was not there in Blender 2.83

Hold brush over a area that doesn’t have a face set painted. Hold ctrl and paint towards the face set to clear it. You can extend a face set by doing the same thing. Of course, you’re screwed if face sets cover your entire sculpt, LOL.

So I’m screwed

What you want is pretty much: “Face Set from Visible”.
It will make the entire mesh one face set color, which is the same as clearing everything, just with a random color instead of the default grey.
If you don’t like the color just do it again and it’ll change color.

Here’s a handy video:

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Currently as of 2.9 anyway, it makes a grey face set which when you think about it is the same as any other material face setting. No face set is all. 2.83 seems to make it a color, which could be confusing. But yes randomizing until you get grey works in 2.83. They seemed to have solved this in 2.9.

Not sure about 2.83 but if face set by normal is available, that should clear out any color issues you’re having. Or at least it sets it back to the standard gray color.