How to clear track...


i have tracked a cam to an empty object, selecting first the camera and then the empty, pressing ctrl + T and selecting TrackTo Constraint.

One time this is made, if i want erase the track, the only way i found is delete the empty, because selecting empty, camera and pressing alt + t and selecting clear track does not result… if i do the last the track remains.

Someone know how to clear the track correctly?

I’m using the last Blender version.

Thanks a lot and regards.

I just tried it and you’re right, the clear track (alt+t) doesn’t work.

However you can delete the relationship by selecting the camera, going to Object buttons (F7) and deleting the track to constraint.

Thanks ondrew, it works fine.

I supose that blender people will repair this bug in another more advanced version.

I’ve found another possible bug related with this in python scripting. getTracked() method doesn’t work fine (or i don’t know use it correctly). I posted the thread in python scripting block.