How to close a beveled curve

I am trying to get a tube that is solid.
For that I have created a simple curve and for the bevelObj I used a circle.

That works fine for a hollow tube, but what if I want to close it with a sort of end cap?

Am I missing something essential here, or is it simply not possible?

Using the circle in 2D mode gives me a solid disk, but it does not produce a solid tube from there.

By the way I am using 2.5 for this and it does not work in 2.49 either.

Thanks for your time.

I think the only way is to convert it to a mesh first, then add the ends.


I was afraid somebody would say this :wink:
Maybe I have found a way of getting around it.
I tried to use a taper object which has a straight line only at the end going abruptly to zero.
That way I can sort of close the tube, it is not a straight closure but a cone shape.
If I now hide that cone a bit, it might still work.

Thanks for your help. If somebody has a better idea, please let me know :slight_smile:


Is it absolutely necessary to use a bevelled curve?
I have attached a .blend with a mesh based approach

It is made from three meshes Start, End and Body.
Body has an array modifier applied to it, using the
Start and End meshes as Caps. Then I applied
a curve modifier to it.

Gives a similar result to BevOb but with caps, you
could even make the caps all quads and Subd friendly.
Or different at both ends?

Hope this helps?

Kindest Regards,



Tube Closed.blend (150 KB)