How to close a hole with more than one face

I downloaded a model of a sculpture (a bear), and the paws of the bear are standing on a cuboid, bear and cuboid form one giant mesh.
Since I want the bear on itself (without the cuboid) I deleted the vertices and faces that make up the cuboid. But now the paws of the bear are open on the bottom. So when I look at my mesh from below I can look inside the bear through the four paws.

I’m looking for a way to close up these four holes. I know I can select all the vertices that make up one hole and press F, to close it. But this only forms one giant face with a lot of edges and vertices around it.

Is there a way in Blender to close this hole and create a lot of triangle or quad faces instead on one giant n-gon? I’d like to avoid to form these faces myself.

All the vertices that form the hole are on one plane, since the bear stood on the cuboid at the beginning.

Can you post a screenshot or .blend if possible.

It should be easy to fix with basic knowledge of Blender and 3d modeling.

Hi, yes you can use grid fill that will create quads. or manually using the knife tool.

@GrimZA: Here’s a picture of the bear paw shaped hole in the mesh.

@digitvisions: “Grid Fill” didn’t work, he asked for two Edge Loops to be selected. But “Fill” did work somehow. Now the filled hole looks like this:

Not exactly what I expected, but probably exactly what I asked for :slight_smile:

Or is there a way to close this hole so that it looks like the rest of the bear?

I don’t think you will fill this the same way as the rest of mesh, but did you try edge loop selection and grid fill? at the moment you have vertices loop.

Oh, didn’t know that there is a difference between

  • selecting all the vertices of the hole and switch to edge selection
  • select one edge of the hole and then do “Select Edge Loops”

With the first bullet point I got the “two edge loops have to be selected” error but the second bulletpoint worked with “Grid Fill”. Now it looks like this:

Thank you.