How to close a path?

WARNING: Some people got freaked out by the awesomeness of my dumb questions and incorrect language. So please ignore the little mistakes, missing knowledge, be sure that I´ve googled my questions before with no results and, please, answer in a gentle way. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I´m sure this questions is really easy to answer, but I don´t get it…

I did curve paths the first time now and modelled a kind of track, and now I want to close the path (last vertex connected with the first vertex). I don´t know how to do so, because there are just options doing NOT the thing I want… :frowning:

I can press F (like in mesh modelling), then Blender will show me the black preview path closed, but does not close the vertex path I can adjust. Using split (I guess) will close the preview path again, but - who wonders? - split my track in several pieces. Converting the curve path to mesh, connect the vertices and reconvert it to a curve adds many extra vertices to the path that I don´t want.

What is the right way? I jut wonder why the path isn´t really closed.

Thanks all o you beforehand, and I wish you a happy new year!

In toolshelf use the ‘Toggle Cyclic’ option while in edit mode or the ‘cyclic’ option in the Curve / Active Spline settings