how to close object from NERBS Circle?

i try to make object like a bottle from NERBS Circle i want to know how to close the bottom ?



Not sure if this helps but.

If you make a Nurbs Surface and extrude it to the shape you require, when you get to the part you want to close off, select all the parts of the end and extrude the end but don’t move any thing then press scale (s) and type 0 on the keyboard. That will scale the end down. It still still not really be closed but it will look like it is.

The other way would be to convert the Nurb Surface to a mesh (alt-c) and then close the end with F, but then you will loose the Nurbs advantages.

Attached is a blend file showing an example.


NurbSurfaceLooksClosed.blend (123 KB)

Or add another nurbs circle of the same diameter in object mode. (shift+S->cursor to selection, first)
Parent the 1st to the 2nd. (joining doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately)

Edit: Just wanted to add: In this situation, I feel terry_wallwork’s suggestion is better - because you’ll rarely see a hard edge in a bottle cap. Probably, after scaling->0, you can use W->remove doubles, to close the ends. Not sure f it will cause weird shading effects though.

:eyebrowlift: i want to say Thank you for guide to me.