how to close windows in Blender 2.62?

I have been googling for half an hour, and the windows in blender keep multiplying. I did find an article that described it as something out of Sorcerer’s Apprentice! When I touch the hash in the upper right corner of a window, I get another window. How does dragging it to the right CLOSE the window? To make matters worse, I actually got it right once. I SAW it close. It has not worked even once since then. What am I missing?!

If you have difficulty to move the windows back by moving those upper right corners handles, an alternative is to move the mouse cursor on the separation line of 2 windows, right click and select “Join”, then move the big arrow that appear to the direction of the window you want to disappear.

Thanks! Join works every time. I swear the upper right handle worked once, but almost always it just multiplies my windows. I even tried reloading Blender.

Yes, i add this problem too sometime pushing a bit too much the handle to close a window just opened another new one, i was happy when finally they re-introduced the right click and join function there was in 2.49b