How to close windows?

Hello, this has been asked recently but not answered as far as I can tell (and searching the forum seems to never return anything for me?)

Very basic question - how can I remove some windows from the interface which are not currently being used? For example, I don’t currently need the timeline window, how can I make it temporarily go away?

The cross hatching in the window headers seems not to remove windows but to add another clone window. That appears to be the only thing these cross hatch areas do, they don’t respond to right left or center button clicks and dragging them with any mouse button other than the left does nothing.

I can change from one window type to another easily, but actually I’m trying to get more screen real estate by removing windows not just changing them around.

Thanks, any help is appreciated

In addition to using the frame corners you can RMB on an edge border to select Split/Join the windows that share that border


Thanks so much for the demo!