how to collapse a viewport in 2.5?

can someone please explain how to get rid of unwanted panes in the 2.5 Blender interface?

I seem to be able to create new ones without effort…I’ve got 7 of them now where one used to be!

Trying to drag from the lower left corner “arrow” into other panes, but it isn’t working…

thanks for any help!


It depends on the sense of the movement.
Moving inside the area create a new area.
Moving outside the area merge two area with same width.

For Instance, with the default .blend. You can’t merge 3D view area and Outliner area but you can merge Outliner area and Properties area.

Just make sure whatever pane you want to join is horizontally or vertically aligned with the one you are joining to. It only works for squares or rectangles that coincide.

thank you all…I think I’m starting to get the knack of it…just a little wierd at first…