How to combine 3D with real photographs (and using Fspy)

Hello everyone,

Currently I am working on a project and would like to combine 3D objects with photographs.
I have set up my photo studio, table, lamps and camera in real life.
But I want to do exact the same in Blender.

Do you have some advice? I have tried Fspy but I think I am doing something wrong.
But I also need to set the same lights on the same position with the same amount of light.
Do I have to measure it all by hand and make my studio in 3D? But what about the angle of the camera and the height? And how to set my Lens mm in blender?

I appriciate all the help and want to thank you in advance.


In the case of your setup, match cam angle by eye, and also set lamps and their intensities by eyeballing. Such big area lamps don’t need precise location, also you get away with slight perspective mismatches. If you want accuracy, I’d suggest photogrammetry. Take a few photographs of your studio setup, solve relevant positions in scene and then using those, solve/place your hero cam. If you have no experience with this kind of stuff, matching by eye is your best and simplest solution.